Broodbaksessies, Jeroen Uyttendaele, Bas Zoontjens, Lizzy Bax

We’re delighted to welcome you to this on September 11 to an evening with some fine visual and musical acts. Come and enjoy with us:

Broodbaksessies is a collaborative project of free improvisation and mashup techniques (ab)using existing materials. Through intense live editing Terry Vreeburg and Maarten Wesselius are looking to create fun and exciting new pieces, rich in detail and variation, by seizing elements from the source material and forcing them into a new environment. Everything topped off with the gurgly sonic sauce of a broken Silver Matrix.

Jeroen Uyttendaele
“Tafelmanieren” by Jeroen Uyttendaele (table-manners) is a performative installation that explore sound characteristics of materials. Feedback, sinewaves and fieldrecordings traverse through a maze of resonant objects. Objects such as cristal glasses, metal tubes, ceramic bowls, wine glasses, vases are carefully placed onto and in between custom build loudspeakers and small microphones. The objects filter the sounds coming from the loudspeakers creating a constantly evolving and harmonically dense soundscape.

Eerieear is Sebastian Pappalardo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A sound designer spell caster, embodying the Eerieear spirit vessel as a live coding sound and vision battle unit. Organic and beyond trippy possibilities are created in the moment by live casting and improvising multi language computing incantation jams.Surprisingly funky and fun, embracing the many rock & roll influences from his analog youth.

Bas Zoontjens
After a 3+ month Heart of Darkness zone vibe trip to Porto, Bas Zoontjens channeled this cachaça fueled existential reality check in a series of psychedelic digital collages that contain within them a true sense of the now.

Lizzy Bax
After rendered physically incapable of creating art after her graduation from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in 2013, starting 2021 – to deal with what happened – she started experimenting with new mediums. “My work consists of intuitive figures in the shape of everyday objects and gestures. They serve as vehicles for me to engage with my feelings about struggles in positive, playful ways.”


Beatrijsstraat 10 The Hague (entrance through the blue gate)

Doors: 20:00Entrance: 8EUR

!!! Limited capacity so reserve your spot by sending us an email at