Thursday 21 February an evening with music and art at Helicopter with an exhibition by Samman Padrees and live music by Petronn Sphene, Slaylor Moon and The Sunshine Lounge.
Doors open at 20:30
Beatrijsstraat 10, Den Haag (entrance through the blue gate)
is the combined effort of Samantha Rees and Manuel Padding.
They will show a set of collages under the banner “Constant Struggle”.
Riffing on themes of hindsight perspective, nature persisting and trying (and failing) to understand what it means to be human in a slowly
disintegrating world.  Possibility of a sculpture being present is there.
Live action music by:
Free form explorations into a pulsating groove zone, taking time to
enfold a soothing foot shuffle universe where floating around and
breathing fresh life force enhancing mind/body jams should be time
spent eternal. Lineage from laying down solid concrete foundation to withstand ripping  Shearing Pinx blasts to riding bubbly The Courtneys waves into sunshine youth wishfulness with a fringe to match.
Timeless sonic witchcraft connecting pagan eternal spirit with mind
altering electronic music, adopting a “hard gaan” aesthetics with a
“The Drugs” as a communication method for altered ADHD full blast
personal wisdom projected straight into the soul, transcendent intellectual intensity. Think psychedelic time warped gabber and power new age.
Solo space pod escape from Urocerus Gigas of Guttersnipe.
Embracing both the up and the down in a solar eclipse of the heart sort
of way, once “The Taste” grabs hold, there is no turning back. Whether
banging pots and pans or navigate modular electric pulses through
self made instruments there is always the awareness that darkness is
ever present. To embrace this darkness and to be able to still sound so
life affirming is pure raging, “Eat The Breid”.
This evening will be the presentation of his new tape “Mountain On Legs”