Fasten your senses – ArtScience B3 Exhibition + Myriads #25

May 31 // 17:00 ArtScience exhibition (free) – 20.30 Myriads concerts (3EUR, cheap beers, all money goes to the artists)

Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10 Den Haag (Enter through the blue gate opposite Cafe Elta)

We start off the program at 17:00 with ‘Fasten your Senses’, a one night showcase of crossings between visual, sonic and performance arts by ArtScience 3rd year students: “ArtScience bachelor 3rd year opens their intimate world of multi-sensorial exploration, pulling at tradition with varying pressure. To fasten means to make secure, but also to single out, to concentrate on. Let us be your guide in broadening the width of what you thought you could possibly perceive.” For more info on the event:

Followed at 20.30 hrs by the NOT TO BE MISSED concert program ‘Myriads’, organized by Arvind Ganga: “It’s been some six months since the last MYRIADS concert. That’s way too long indeed. So we’re ecstatic to say we’re back! And how. I can’t express how stoked I am with this line up. Tony Guarino returns to Helicopter and you know he always has something insane up his sleeve. Grzegorz Marciniak & Ábel Fazekas perform an intimate nocturnal sound composition for two melodicas. And then there is the scorching hot super trio of Chris Corsano, David Maranha and Richard Youngs to melt our little class room down. More info on the artists below. You cannot miss this. I repeat: you cannot miss this!

This concert is made possible with help of the municipality of Den Haag.

/////// Chris Corsano (US), David Maranha (PT) and Richard Youngs (UK)
A full on full frontal assault by three experimental superstars:

Chris Corsano has been active at the intersections of collective improvisation, free jazz, avant-rock, and noise music since the late 1990’s. He shouldn’t need an introduction, as he is widely regarded one of the most exciting, inventive, and prolific drummers around. His playing is dynamic and spontaneous, relentless, light and powerful at the same time. Always sensitive to what is happening around him, allowing the others full freedom while maintaining his own direction with maximum determination.

David Maranha is a multi-disciplinary artist from Portugal, combining sculpture, music and architecture. He’s active as a musician since the mid-eighties, working solo, in different bands, and improvising with others. His searing hot minimalist organ pieces seem quiet on the surface but are dangerous and unpredictable like a puddle of boiling lava.

Richard Youngs has been involved with music since the late eighties. He is classically trained in piano and guitar, but grew up with punk rock and its DIY ethic. A versatile musician, his work ranges from folk performances to work with orchestras, from a modern pop album to scores for the BBC or art and feature films, and from singing to being a drum machinist. His now famous quote “I went to a laptop concert and decided I was going to sing” gives a glimpse into his mind. Completely unpredictable, fearless and bonkers.

/////// Tony Guarino is a percussionist from NYC currently studying at the Institute of Sonology. His practice establishes contact with discarded and everyday objects— evoking ecstatic states of dissociative listening.

////// Grzegorz Marciniak & Ábel Fazekas
Marciniak and Fazekas study composition and ArtScience at the conservatory of Den Haag. They perform “Knots”, a sound composition for two melodicas written in summer / autumn 2018. The idea of the work was to write an ambient, intimate-like-music, intended to be performed in room-like spaces. The word Knots sounds like the Polish pronunciation of the word Noc (Night) and refers to the nocturnal atmosphere of the composition.