Myriads #26: Daniel Llermaly & City Hands

MYRIADS and Helicopter invite you to a special Mid-Summer Music Night, where Chilean sound artist Daniel Llermaly immerses you in an other-worldly atmosphere of melting and dripping sounds, and Den Haag’s own City Hands unfolds his personal dreamy and psychedelic universe. A relaxed summer night, perfect if you’re spending your summer days in our lovely city and appreciate some fascinating performances and refreshing alcoholic(?) beverages.

On thursday, august 1
At Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10, in Den Haag
Enter through the blue gate opposite Cafe Elta
Entrance 5 euro, great selection of cheap drinks, all money goes to the artists
Cash only!

/// Daniel Llermaly hails from Chile, currently residing in Mexico. He is a versatile musician: sound artist, part of tropical psychedelic ensemble La Redada, giving workshops on “electronic lutherie” and the use of free technological tools, and active organizer of sonic events. For this night, he presents “Quelccaya”, a real-time composition based on field recordings of the world’s largest tropical glacier of the same name, in Perú. These recordings were made on various recording devices, from simple dictaphones and cassette recorders to top-notch hydrophones. These recordings are then augmented with self-built oscillators, synthesizers, filters and other processors. The result is a living sonic organism that fully immerses you in other-worldly atmospheres of melting and dripping sounds — while simultaneously inviting you to reflect on the effects of climate change in the communities living in the Andean zone.

/// City Hands is the long-running project of Manuel Padding, a musician, performance artist and visual artist from Den Haag. Padding uses an ever-shifting array of sound generators which keeps his music fresh and surprising. From tape collages and sound bowls to small simple electronics, self-constructed water drums or coconut shakers, where needed sprinkled with just the right amount of ghostly effects. With this he takes you to a highly personal, dreamy and psychelic universe where ancient creatures give a glimpse into their mind in a fascinating winding trip.

MYRIADS is an irregular series of concerts focussing on the many facets of and approaches to experimentation, improvisation, musicality and virtuosity, irreverent of any borders.