We’re happy to invite you to MYRIADS #28! A special edition with three special acts, each pushing the limits of sounds and space in their own unique and personal way. New duo SKRTCH explore never-ending sonic heaviness of the most distressing kind. No Sugar No Candy is a performance by choreographers Haduch and Mavridou pursuing intensity using voice and silence as guides for physical expression. And Timeteo’s four channel sounds inhabit the place and nourish uncertainty. More info on the performances below.

Doors open at 20.30, performances start around 21:00
Entrance 5 euros, cheap drinks, all money goes to the artists
No pin — bring cash please!

SKRTCH is Christian Smith and Vlad V Vlaev, who make Drone Music of the most distressing kind. Constantly changing, yet not at all, and without any goal beyond never-ending sonic heaviness.  Vlad plays guitar and electronics. Christian plays percussion and electronics, and sometimes sings, but let’s hope not tonight. https://soundcloud.com/christian-s-smith/skrtch-christian-smith-vladimir-vlaev

“No Sugar No Candy” – Mavridou/ Haduch
A voice-dance duo by Maria Mavridou and Malgorzata Haduch who use both voice and silence as guides for physical expression. This show is personal till the pain of the bones, with the performers sharing with each other what would otherwise remain hidden forever. At times, No Sugar, No Candy is a broadcast of two different radio stations blaring simultaneously. And sometimes, the piece gets too intense — even scary to watch. All in the pursuit of fullness of expression, fullness of being together, fullness of life. And never stepping back.
Malgorzata Haduch:  http://freethedance.blogspot.com
Maria Mavridou: https://mavridoumaria.blogspot.com

Timoteo Carbone – Sounds In An Abandoned Space II
The core of this project comes from an abandoned space in Timoteo’s imagination and memory. In this area, cleaned of its past activities and importance, a series of apparition are reported. A series of sounds that interlope the surrounding silence, that inhabit the place just as weed and mold do. The performance investigates a state not capable of generating structural responses anymore, a situation after the demise of its last standing pillar. A being where there is finally space to nourish uncertainty. A four-channel performance for voice, viola, projections and soundtrack.

Helicopter resident DJ Manimal spins his personal favorites through a matrix of echo and loops in between sets.

Myriads is an irregular series of concerts focussing on the many facets of and approaches to experimentation, improvisation, musicality and virtuosity, irreverent of any borders.
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