Unplugged #4

2020, Sept 19

The fourth edition of UNPLUGGED was here! Curated by our member Anna Moreno, UNPLUGGED is an annual event of performances and installations at Helicopter’s yard and project space by members of Helicopter, with the only premise of NO ELECTRICITY! For the fourth edition, we asked the participating Helis to each pair up with a collaborator to come up with a contribution. This brought us to expand the event to daytime, introducing for the first time Unplugged Mini!


Vesta Kroese + Loek Vellekoop = Marble Run
Yael Levy + Nikos Kokolakis = Puppet instrument building
Dewi de Vree + Robert Marijt = “Heat in the Absence of Sun”
Channa Boon + The Letter T = T-Bar (yard)
Mischa Daams + audience = Untitled (side corridor)
Anna Moreno + Mat Do = Tarp 1/4 (Project Space)_____

All photos by Ben Maier