Time is a New Material: Act I

2020 Feb 13

How would you form this last year between your hands? Waiting time, crystalised, solidified, a bass tone in a never ending spiral. This week overwhelmed with a layer of snow covering the ground. It is comforting to know that this is temporary. In times of complexity the simplicity of the sun making the snow melt is soothing. We want to make use of this moment before it disseapears to form new sounds and shapes.

On Saturday February the 13 between 2 and 3 PM 2020 Helicopter went LIVE from their platform on their backyard in Moerwijk. For 1 hour 3 artists of our collective used the space as a laboratory. The audience could join us online. Dewi de Vree, Channa Boon and Sara Pape GarcĂ­a explored this audiovisual live set with the sounds of a self built Suikinkutsu, rabbit holes and ice sulptures.