Rehearsal and feedback session: tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa

2021, April 10

tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa are two performance duos working in an improvised context. Involved artists are Arvind Ganga, Branka Zgonjanin, Gert-Jan Prins and Maria Mavridou, more info below. To further develop their material and keep the arts alive, they organized a rehearsal including feedback session where they show the current state of their work and ask fellow artists for feedback.

This session is made possible with support of the Dutch Performing Arts fund / Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten

VoltageSpa – Branka Zgonjanin + Gert-Jan Prins
VoltageSpa is an ever evolving, site-specific, instrument created and played by choreographer Branka Zgonjanin and sound artist Gert-Jan Prins. It involves sonic and musical qualities of analogue electronic music and percussion, and the human body as a conductive matter, synthesiser and amplifier. With time these premisses develop into a performative voyage through mental and physical conceptions of sound and space. Bodies, human and those of the objects in the room, charge with a voltage created by methods of suspension, deep listening, containment of inner tensions, controlled madness and mutual juxtaposition.

tzZiiiY – Arvind Ganga + Maria Mavridou
‘tzZiiiY’ is a movement and sound performance that investigates unpredictability. The two performers go on stage without previous agreements, each committed to an uncompromising, moment to moment search for intensity – a ‘tzZiiiY’ – that is felt and that resonates. Engaging intuitively with the atmosphere of the gathered audience and the room, they hand each other full permission and push themselves to the edge. The desire to overcome the limits of their creativity is central to this work. Riding on the same desire, with often radically different attitudes and ways, the two reveal the wilderness, awkwardness, devastation, fragility and humorousness of their co-existence. Meanwhile, they both surrender to serendipity which brings together sounds, movements and words into ephemeral pieces of art.