Tape Release Party with Sunshine Lounge, Eeriear and Gangpad

2019, April 12

SILVER GHOSTS is possibly Den Haag’s longest running tape label, steadily uncovering underground gems for some 15 years now. All sold out and highly sought after. This friday, April 12, Silver Ghosts celebrates the release of 2 new tapes at Helicopter.

The two new cassettes are by THE SUNSHINE LOUNGE and EERIEAR who will both perform live that evening. The newly formed duo GANGPAD, by Silver Ghosts’ head honcho Manuel Padding and Arvind Ganga, will play too. More info on the artists below.

THE SUNSHINE LOUNGE is Mark Smith, who has asked me not to make any cooking references anymore, so i will keep those in the pantry. He has been super active in the local scene the last few years and his performances
have been getting stronger and stronger. Super proud to be able to present this tape. Mark uses electronics, synths, homemade instruments and objects to penetrate your third eye straight into the cortex.

EERIEAR is Sebastian Pappalardo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A sound designer by trade he uses the Eeriear alias as a live coding musical outlet, surprisingly catchy and atmospheric the improvised coding creates a depth of texture and rides the stereo spectrum to fully encompass.

GANGPAD is a special for this evening formed duo of Arvind Ganga and Manuel Padding. Arvind will abandon his usual weapon, the guitar, and use wood, stuff and contacts mics to create some mesmerising sounds on top of Manuel’s rhythmic floating water drum carpet.