Time is a New Material: Act II

Summer Edition

Four sound installations are the actors of this playground. They will tell you the story of the the earth through its cracking, whirling and dripping in a one hour long performance.

What is the sound of the echo after human voices escape in the virtual world? A whole life in a single moment, suddenly stops and slowly backtracks in freeze frame. What is this existence but light, sound and the continuous movement of a heart beating. Speeding up and slowing down, confusion as a thrilling manipulation of perception.

Last February we started this event in the snow, now in the hottest season of the year the materials reacted differently under the sun. Just as the world, our yard is not a fixed scenery but interacts with all living and non-living beings. In times of complexity the simplicity of the sun making the ice melt is soothing.

Performers and artists: Dewi de Vree, Mischa Daams, Manuel Padding and Sara Pape.