Arefeh Riahi

Arefeh Riahi (Tehran-1979) is an artist, based in The Hague, whose research deploys performative, video, construction, drawing and writing techniques as a means to address power relations, often in response to institutional and sociological conditions. Spatially and socially imposed negotiations of movement, the authorizing of history, and the limitations of translation come under investigation through a poetics of unfolding and detouring. 

The concept of the ‘archive’ is central. Riahi questions how narratives of information, history and the present are created, and how accessibility and authorship are mediated. ‘Archive’ here signifies not only the tradition of document preservation, but also the archive that is social memory — the body and space as archives that resonate of all that has passed through them. 

Riahi’s works invite her audience to dwell in an aura of aporia. She subjects the spectator to conditions that demand the suspension of clear-cut conclusions, eroding certainty and going beyond fixity.