R E L O C A T E D . ( ) | Body Gesture Study – Phase II – performance event

2018, March 3


| Performance | What influenced musicians to behave on that way on stage? | Beyond Music | Before Sunset |

3 March (Sat) 5pm at Helicopter performance space.
Performance about 45min.

Performers | Liesbeth Vreeburg and Meiyi Lee
‘Relocated Void’ by Lam Lai

In 2017, Lam Lai worked with Percussionist Meiyi Lee for her first study of body gesture of musicians. They took the music by Iannis Xenakis, who is one of the most influential composers in the 20th century, as materials to create another piece showing the body gesture of playing that music. Drums were placed in several challenging settings. A new way of experiencing the music was unfolded. This time, harpist Liesbeth Vreeburg joined them for the study. The way of communication between musicians on stage is being underlined.

“The music is already nearly impossible to play, now it is even more difficult.” – Liesbeth Vreeburg
“It’s feel like she is challenging me towards the edge of the limit.” – Meiyi Lee
“The way of appreciating music is so different among people. It is also impossible to share one person’s experience of enjoying music preciously to another person. Through this study, I will be able to discover what appeals to me in music/or in playing music.” – Lam Lai

Materials :
Iannis Xenakis, Rebonds A for Percussion
Luciano Berio, Sequenza II for Solo Harp

Special thanks to:
Stichting Helicopter, Den haag
de Veenfabriek, musictheatre leiden
T.I.M.E. (This Is Music-Theatre Education)
Channa Boon
Myrthe Boersma

This programme is part of the ‘Ontdekkingen programme’ at the Veenfabriek.


Free Admission
Bar opens before and after the performance.