MYRIADS 9 Tim Barnes _ Jeph Jerman, Liew Niyamkorn, Amador-Costa-Ernsting Trio


Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes are both veterans of the creative music scenes in the US, offering their powerful minimal music for decades now. Their individual resumes seem endless, and include collaborations with legends like Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth, Ken Vandermark, and Royal Trux. They make their music using tape loops, field recordings, found objects, simple analog electronics, some amplified percussions. While these are no longer exceptional instruments in 2017, their music by far transcends anything standard or predictable. It is the effectiveness, clarity, mastery and maturity that comes with their experience that sets this duo apart and turns their sounds and noises into actual music. Pure alchemy, and not to be missed!


Liew Niyomkarn is a Thai sound artist, composer and musician who currently resides in Den Haag after studying in the US. She works with sculptures and electronic circuits, creates installations, does performances. She seeks to discover new ways to engage physiological responses associated with sound and space. Her work is gritty, ecstatic and unpredictable, immersing and confronting. Liew created a new piece for two performers especially for this night, and only she knows what to expect ..


JosuĂ© Amador (guitar, mex), Hugo Costa (sax, pt) and Philipp Ernsting (drums, de) are active members of the new Rotterdam improvisation underground. They performed together in different constellations. Costa and Ernsting are part of heavy jazz ensemble Albatre where Costa blows his deep unconventional lines over Ernsting’s playful and light yet relentless rhythms. Amador plays all over with many different musicians, where he accurately wrenches immediate sounds from his guitar. A special trio of unique and skilled musicians.

Costa & Amador:

Costa & Ernsting: