MYRIADS 5 Helved Rüm, Dirar Kalash, Pulpy Blossom


Helved Rüm is a french duo of Julien Chamla and Simon Henocq, combining live processing, noise making machines, and drums into extremes of tension and roughness. Low rumbles, high squeeks, to intense fast rhythms from the drums are fed into Simon’s electronics, where all is merged organically into a multiplicity of sound, density and dynamic textures. A delightfully free and intense mixture of chaotic free jazz, noisy textures, and ecstatic ambient. Pure, honest and raw.


Dirar Kalash is a musician from Palestine whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts. His approach to music and life are highly political and challenge dichotomies, hierarchies, and binary logics of new/old and west/east as tools of cultural imperialism and hegemony. This night he pays a tribute to Tony Conrad on violin and electronics, inspired by Tony’s saying that “history is like music, completely in the present.”


Pulpy Blossom is the duo of singer Marialuisa Capurso (it) and guitar player Arvind Ganga (nl). Marialuisa mixes her voice with electronics, field recordings, and other found sounds, spanning a fuzzy alienating world where Arvind drops some abstract guitar noises with a hint of free rock. Free improvisations create acid dark atmosphere crossed by voices, punk sounds, imaginary blossoms, words, movements, poems. “Put down your fears, your tears are falling, dark is quite intense; what about my dreams?”