MYRIADS 4 Music/ Dance performance Bolzman, Govaert, Haduch


Onno Govaert (nl) is a crucial member of the Amsterdam jazz scene and part of the youngest generation of improvising musicians. His playing is variously described as ‘innovative’, ‘relentless’ and ‘spectacular’. Uninhibited and full of initiative, he stokes fires with his spazzy rumbles and unflagging motion. Part of heavy free-jazz noisers Cactus Truck or improvising with musicians like Han Bennink, Peter Brötzmann, or William Parker, he has performed in venues and festivals from South-America to Japan and Siberia.


Tonight, Onno plays with Polish dancer and choreographer Gosia Haduch, who got fascinated by the Dutch free jazz scene since her studies in Amsterdam, and is part of it ever since. This is where her uniquely personal and original dance language crystallized from reference points like Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Hooman Sharifi, and The Ex. Shaking and intense, as if she’s possessed by a demon that turns out to be an angel. She toured the world playing, teaching, collaborating with improvisers like Ab Baars, Andy Moor, Wilbert de Joode, and John Dikeman.


The other dancer this evening is Maria Mavridou (gr), who studied in Athens, Amsterdam and New York and currently lives nomadically with a base in Amsterdam. Actually, calling her a dancer doesn’t quite say it all. In her live shows, Maria inimitably mixes performance with dance in a deeply personal way that exposes her raw intensity — unsettling yet strangely beautiful. 21st century butoh avant la lettre.


Maria plays a duo with Den Haag’s own Amir Bolzman (il), a musician, sound artist and instrument builder who focuses his energy on free improvised electronic music with self-built instruments, blissfully oscillating between jazz and harsh noise.


Maria Mavridou & Amir Bolzman:

Małgorzata Haduch & Onno Govaert: