Groenfeest & Operatie Steenbreek #2

2018, June 16

This year we organized the second edition of our festival to celebrate nature. The event is hosted by Helicopter, an artist initiative and studios.

It was an afternoon full of live music, open studios, cloud installation, “sock therapy”, books, kids workshop, food/drinks and an ‘exchange-your-tiles-for-plants’-ACTION!

On the program: the sounds of Moerwijk by Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis, with recorded sounds from the neighborhood processed and mixed with a live set, that zone where electronic manipulations and acoustic sounds merge seamlessly by Riccardo Marogna, an illuminous cloud by Liew Niyomkarn, explore Appalachian folk music and free improvisation with Annick Odom, books by Boekwinkel Opstand, acuarel on ice workshop for kids by Sara Pape, food by Pim, self made Lituanian cookies, a therapy where your socks speak in your voice by Channa Boon, studio tours, and a big container where you can exchange your gardentiles for FREE plants.

The event was a collaboration between Helicopter, De Samenscholing, Duurzaam Den Haag and several local initiatives from our neighbourhood Moerwijk.,