MYRIADS 12 Victoria Shen, Sabina Ahn, Liew Niyomkarn


Victoria Shen tries to capture the absurdity of images we consume everyday in our videos on a purely visual plane. Her musical performances, which are often accompanied by projection, are more raw and more natural. Shen mainly uses home-made analog synthesizers, contact microphones and other DIY electronics. Her approach to music, in her own words, is “sculptural” – the sound is shaped like an object and works with it as a physically present matrix that can be worked out during a performance. Key texture becomes a key aspect. Harsh noise is just a limit definition here.

* * *

Sabina Hyoju Ahn is a post-media artist who works with various media and organic materials. She broadened her artistic spectrum in New York, Seoul, London and finally The Hague where she just graduated at ArtScience. Her research involves finding hidden rules and patterns in natural elements and translating it into different shapes of perceptual experiences. Her works have been shown all over Europe, the US and Korea.

This night Sabina presents Breath, an interactive light and sound installation/performance made of DIY circuits and e-wastes which controls sound and light by human breath. Breath uses amorphous energy from the human body and transforms it into different shapes: breathe to light and sound, vitalising an inorganic object. Human respiration is visualised by dimming bulbs, activates the machine and involves functioning. The piece has been made of electronic junks such as old telephone’s microphone and old PC’s metal frame to illustrate new life from the dead devices and to allude a transformable relationship between human/natural element and machine. See for a short preview.

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Liew Niyomkarn is a sound artist who currently resides in Den Haag. She works with sculptures and electronic circuits, creates installations, does performances. She will be presenting a remix/glitch piece for the way finders!


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