MYRIADS 14 Mikko Savela, Gorkem Arikan, Ilya Ziblat Shay


MYRIADS 14: Mikko Savela, Ilya Ziblat and Görkem Arıkan

Helicopter is happy to present you three musicians, each pushing the boundaries of their instrument in a different way. Mikko Savela turns his beaten-down guitars into a percussion instrument using electronics, objects and his bare hands; Ilya Ziblat plays live contrabass interacting with computers, and Görkem Arıkan combines various sound sources and treats them depending on mood and space. More info on the artists below.

On friday, october 27, at Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10, Den Haag.
Doors at 20.30, music starts around 21.00
Entrance 5 euro, beer is cheap, and all money goes to the artists.
Prior to this concert, starting at 17.00, is the finissage of the exhibition ‘The Good, the bad, and the ugly’, Be sure to visit and see the exhibition while you still can! Free entrance to the exhibition.

MYRIADS is an irregular series of concerts focussing on the many facets of and approaches to experimentation, improvisation, and virtuosity, with a disregard for any borders. (*)

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Mikko Savela is a finnish guitarist. He enhances his old beaten down electric and acoustic guitars with different types of microphones, transducers and electronics. The guitars are then used as a percussion instrument, plucking and pulling the strings with both hands, and hitting the body hard with metallic objects, generating an energetic free-flowing rhythmical mess. A very physical in-your-face performance, not to be missed!

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Görkem Arıkan is a sound artist and free improviser, doing his masters at the Sonology Institute, focused on an interactive installation performed through bodily movements. In his shows he processes various sound sources such as live inputs, field recordings and commercial tracks. His musical output varies depending on time and space conditions as well as the mood of the day so come to see what will come out this night

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Ilya Ziblat is a composer and a performer on contrabass and bass guitar. He works with acoustic instruments and electronics, combining composed structures with improvisation. As a bass player, he is active both as an improvisor and as an interpreter of contemporary repertoire. After studying composition and contrabass in Tel Aviv University, he moved to the Hague to study at the conservatory. He is currently working on a PhD in artistic research (Leiden University). This night’s set features a one-man rhythm section: live bass improv, together with the computer taking the role of an augmented drum-machine. A stream of irregular, warped rhythms will be explored, while the two interact with each other, locking in- / falling out of sync.

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(*) Myriads is an irregular series of concerts organized by Arvind Ganga, focussing on the many facets of and approaches to experimentation, improvisation, and virtuosity, with a disregard for any borders. I’m giving this previously nameless series a name to improve visibility and recognizability. The series has been running since mid 2015; this concert will be number 14.