MYRIADS 17 Gorkem Harikan, James Hewitt, Demain Damas


Demain Damas (Damascus Tomorrow) is the lively sonic talk between two old friends in the shadow of dark news and warmongering climate. Friend number one is Colin Petit, who stretches a sparse yet intricate web with his magnetic tapes and no-input mixers, in which Ruben Tenenbaum, friend number two, cautiously places precise violin attacks. The accurate interplay between these friends reveals that they must know each other for a long time. This is brutal music, heavy and strong, noise disguised as virtuosic delicate thoughtfulness. A delicious precision bombardment, not to be missed.


Görkem Arıkan is a Turkish sound artist and free improviser, doing his masters at the Sonology Institute, focused on an interactive installation performed through bodily movements. He played an amazing set at Helicopter last year and now he’s back for more. Drifter molecule activities released in different layers and moments, flashing ears independent of any measure or cadence.


James Hewitt is a violinist active in both early and contemporary music after studying violin and composition here in The Hague. His total mastery of the violin allows him to play the liviest and free-est music, and makes it all seem perfectly fit and well thought through, even if it is improvised on the spot. What James will do exactly this night still needs to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more details!