Psychedelic Screenings no. 1 + concert Ubaldo

2018, July 24

HELICOPTER’s new screening series on PSYCHEDELIA, organised by Mischa Daams and Anna Moreno.

For this first event, we watch Zabriskie Point, by Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni, and we also join forces with Arvind Ganga’s series of concerts, who invited Andreu G. Serra, aka UBALDO to perform before the film.


Zabriskie Point (1970):

Mocked and critically patronised at the time, this was a counterculture adventure where Mark Frechette plays an armed student radical on the run from police. Stealing a small plane, he lights out for the stark beauty of Death Valley, where he meets Daria (Daria Halprin), a hippie chick with whom he has a sexual epiphany.


Melancholic whisper, water rhythm, some sentences mixed with hyperactives guitars. Ubaldo is one of the monikers that Andreu G. Serra, catalan multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels uses to create trembling ambient atmospheres. Andreu is active in the underground scene of the Iberian peninsula and runs the experimental label Boira Discos.