Myriads #27

We’re happy to invite you to MYRIADS #27, this time with four travelling experimental acts celebrating the use of repetition and drones and sprinkling it with noise. Dragons+Doyle experiment with abstract storytelling with just a cymbal, a loop pedal, a voice and two hands. And we have the trio of Julius Ménard, Jeans Beast and licht-ung, three acts associated with the German label Econore, which is relentlessly putting out one weird/outsider/experimental release after the other in strictly limited small runs. See below for some more info on the artists.

Friday november 29 at Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10 in Den Haag
Enter through the blue gate opposite Cafe Elta
Doors open at 20:30, first act around 21:00
Entrance 5 euros, beer is cheap, and all proceedings go to the artists
Cash only!

Dragons+Doyle is a duo experimenting with abstract storytelling and the meditative effects of repetition. A cymbal and a loop pedal, a voice and two hands. Sonic waves surround and like the great whale the seas begin to move around you. Relax they are here to help.

Julius Ménard drapes deep dark drones over a backbone of a-rhythmic noise that propels the music forward.

Jeans Beast turns a collage of guitars, tapes and found noises into a wall of sound.

licht-ung‘s live looping stacks piles of violin shards that slowly crumble from below.

Myriads is an irregular series of concerts focussing on the many facets of and approaches to experimentation, improvisation, musicality and virtuosity, irreverent of any borders.