Katz Mulk, White Death, De Neus and Sunshine Lounge

2017, July 1

Katz Mulk (UK)
Deep in the Manchester Underground houses Katz Mulk,
a ​duo composed of parts Human Heads and Akke Phallus.
Enhanced electronics, autotuned improv and half pop music
that hangs between hipstertronics and hardcore avant-garde.
Debut shortly on the top notch Singing Knives label.

White Death (​UK​)
Pale ​ale ​improv​ ​duo of visual artist Hannah Ellul (1/3 Human Heads)
and driving force behind Manchester scene Kelly Jayne Jones (1/2 Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides).
​Scorching ho​t, vibrant and intangible electronics inspired by the surrealistic lyrics of Henri Michaux.

Pauwel De Buck​ (BE)​
Pauwel De Buck is a young composer from Ghent who combines tape ​droops, field re​s​cor​ch​ings and ​st​raw electronics into sensual fields of scones.
Originally his work was more focused on trying to escape​, but nowadays you’ll find him more and more in a s​tate​ of reality,
feeding his work with voice man​ure​pulations and free​p improvisation.

The Sunshine Lounge​ (NL)​
Named after a Jakeys respite in Clydebank (mid 70’s) The Sunshine Lounge plough the furrow between relaxation and anxiety, calm and violence, silence and chaos.
Run by Mark E. Smith, a Glasgow born, Hague Resident, former top chef, now renowned goat whisperer, DJ at Radio Tonka and alcohol chemist.
“Been making music since I first saw J.G. Thirlwell on the Tube in ’85.”