On the 2nd of June, 2023: Free-jazz legends Jooklo Duo team up with dada vocalist Mik Quantius, Arvind Ganga presents his immersive three-speaker guitar setup, and DJs Obscuriosa spin their exquisite hidden gems.

At Helicopter, Ulenpasstraat 55, 2531 PL Den Haag
Doors open at 20:30, music starts at 21:00
Entrance €8 (all proceeds go to the musicians)

JOOKLO DUO and MIK QUANTIUS are masters of improvisational cosmic music, always exciting and created in the moment. The kickass power of VIRGINIA GENTA’s sax propelling the spaceship “JOOKLO DUO” with the wise ass flow of DAVID VANZAN’s drums at the controls to set course for the stars. MIK QUANTIUS creates fully developed weirdo pop songs by randomly placing a high heeled sneaker on a keyboard. It is unbelievable but happens out there in the open, right in front of your own eyes.
Imagine the immense beauty of a combination of the two. Well imagine no more!!!

Friday June 02 JOOKLO QUANTIUS will team up and play a show together at HELICOPTER in Den Haag.
Word on the street is that JOOKLO QUANTIUS will be joined by a Brussels Venezuelan who bears his bones while laying low.
But who knows…….

ARVIND GANGA is cut from the same cloth, always different, always inspirational. ARVIND has been working on a new set to casually blow your mind, multiple speakers, multiple timelines. He will be presenting his new set for the first time at this show.

Providing sounds before, in between and after are the reunited for the first time in a long long time: Obscuriosa! Obscuriosa are Krank Papa and Jack Tulp, original Den Haag underground psychedelic outside music pioneers pushing it tirelessly since the Helbaard days.

Jooklo Duo team up with Mik Quantius,
This is the cosmic joining of universes, man.
This is walking on the edge of all improvisational possibilities,
stretching minds and playfully arranging waves that can bring down planets
Bring on the total ecstatic sound experience, bath in it,
dissolve in it and emerge a new and improved human being!

Guitar mage, time fluid sound zone enchanter,
Steelwool string stirrer, chopsticks pickups manhandler.
Delay for days, but always in the moment.