Channa Boon

‘I scratch a hole through the fabric of reality to cast a different view on it’

Channa Boon’s art practice encompasses performance, (video) installations, drawings, objects, one channel films, video works, lecture performances, collaborations with composers and often all these in combination. In Boon’s work an intensified reality is often observed by a fictitious protagonist who expresses this experience in the work. At the same time, this dramatis personae is composed out of several layers of true stories as well as historical events, which together produce the fabric in the work. In this caleidoscopic way of using different techniques and materials, subjects like racism and art, (‘Cleaning the Museum/Limpiar el Museo’, 2008, one channel film, Bolivia; Tambo Museum La Paz, WTC Zuidas Screen), sculpture and architecture (‘All that is Solid’, 2010, one channel film, South-Korea; National Museum of Art Seoul) madness, imagination and painting (‘Sasha’, 2013, one channel video, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania; EYE Film Archive), the body and the ancient looting of art (‘La Pizia e la Marangona’, 2015, lecture performance, Venice; Venice Biennial, ‘All the World’s Futures’, S.a.L.E. DOCKS, Fondacione Cini) and Geopolitics and the Former Sovjet Union (‘Et in Arcadia Ego’, 2016, one channel film, EYE Film Archive and Museum) are being investigated in an unconventional way. Other venues encompass: International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL), the Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwanju, Gallery Loop and the Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (KR), MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn NY the Sioux Art Center, Iowa (USA), Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich (CH), the Kunstfabrik Am Flutgraben and Olaf Stüber Gallery, Berlin (GE).