Noor Remmen

Noor Remmen (b. 1994) is a performance artist, writer, and co-founder of Bad Penny Publications. Noor explores human relationships and dynamics in groups of friends in performative surrealist settings. Believing that these often work in a symbiotic way and relate to each other like an archipelago. In a playful way, by collecting written text, recorded conversations and transcripts, they create characters and scripts based on folklore and legends, which then come to life in immersive performances and installations. They are registered at as Haagse Kunstenaar at Stroom.
Fine Art, ArtEZ, Arnhem (2020)
Artistic Research, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (2022).

With Bad Penny we create zines with artists from the Hague and the wider community. We are an experimental writing and publishing platform that aims to create a space for reflective writing – embracing tangents, conversation and notes as a constructive form of research and writing method. Using methods of audio recordings of conversations, gatherings and chat as content generation for the zine: A very spontaneous way of doing research through conversational techniques.
Through our curation and making process of the zines, writing through workshops and reciprocal exercises, we aim to create a new artistic writing community.
Bad Penny was found in 2022 by Noor Remmen and Emily Stevenhagen.