Helicopter is an artist initiative located in a former school building in Moerwijk, Den Haag.

Helicopter comprises artists and musicians with the desire to strengthen their ability to ‘zoom out’ and to obtain ‘Helicopter’ view; a wider vision on the world, to include and to embrace new thoughts and ideas. 

The building is used as a platform to develop and present artworks, organize exhibitions and events, connect with like-minded artists, the neighbourhood and other local collectives to inspire, share and exchange.


If you want to join our helicopter community, have a studio in our building and help us build an incubator in The Hague (Broedplaats). You can apply for a place on our waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a studio becomes available.

Helicopter Studio Waiting List
Google Form >> https://forms.gle/ZnKkhrNPbP1okv4b9