Suzuki Junzo / Momentum Lost / Leonie Roessler / Mark Kloeg

Saturday November 3  // 19.30 – 23.30

4 Amazing artists, guitar guru, laptop maestro, compositional genius and accordion wonderboy… dae it

Suzuki Junzo (JP)

Vocal/Guitar based in Tokyo.
Member of the Tokyo Psych veteran MIMINOKOTO and 20 Guilders(Duo with Mitsuru Tabata of Boredoms/Zeni Geva/Acid Mothers Temple)

Recent years, Japanese guitarist Suzuki Junzo focused and stripped down with A 21st century drone/space electric-blues albums from UTECH RECORDS/NOD AND SMILE RECORDS and toured over US/EU/UK. Crystalline guitar passages soaked in reverb and distorted sadness. Junzo’s recent Solo Albums are joined by Ikuro Takahashi of LSD March, Kousokuya and ex-drummer of Fushitsusha and High Rise and engineerd by Richard Horner at Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo/Hookaido. Corroborating with the cosmic dead and many other.



Leonie Roessler

Sound/Installation Artist – Composer – Performer based in The Hague, Netherlands.


Raised in the Ruhr District (Ruhrgebiet) in Germany, Leonie relocated to Los Angeles as a teenager. She studied classical guitar at Los Angeles City College, and received a Bachelor Degree in Composition along with a Minor in Dance Performance at California State University Northridge in 2010.

She then moved to the Netherlands and earned her Master Degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2013, where she studied with Peter Adriaansz and Calliope Tsoupaki. She then completed a one-year course at the Institute of Sonology, where she focused on Field Recording and the Spatialization of Sound. In 2016 she finished the fourth and last year of the Contemporary Music Through Non-Western Techniques Program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Rafael Reina as her principle teacher.

Mark Kloeg






Momentum Lost

Torn between opposites, momentum lost syphons calmness from chaos while melody and noise collide to create drone based ambient music.

Unplugged #2

The second edition of UNPLUGGED is here!
UNPLUGGED is an insiders joke among the Helicopter members that turned into an annual event. Welcome to an evening full of performances at Helicopter’s yard and project space, with the only premise of: NO ELECTRICITY!

With: Channa Boon, Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis, Anna Moreno, Sara Pape, Arefeh Riahi, Dewi de Vree and more to be announced.

Curated by: Anna Moreno

PROGRAM (stay tuned for updates!)
20:00 Doors open
20:30 Sara Pape: Unstable Ground (participatory performance and installation)
21:00 Channa Boon: The Singing Building (participatory performance)
21:30 Arefeh Riahi: Pun Plugged (participatory performance)
22:00 Dewi de Vree: Modes of Motion no. I (performance)
22:20 Anna Moreno: Time’s Arrow does not shoot straight (performance)
22:45 Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis: Experiments with lights and projection

Get ready for a dark and mesmerising evening!
Drinks available at the bar.
Entrance fee is donation-based (min. 2€)

Groenfeest & Operatie Steenbreek Moerwijk 2018

Hallo allemaal! Hello y’all!

*************English and program(ma )below***************

Dit jaar organiseert HELICOPTER – een kunstenaarsinitiatief en presentatieplek – de tweede editie van ons festival om de natuur te vieren.

Het wordt een een middag vol met live muziek, open ateliers, een wolkeninstallatie, “soktherapie”, boeken, een kinderworkshop, eten/ drinken en een operatie steenbreek!

Waar: Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10 Den Haag
Wanneer: 16 juni van 13-17u

Verwacht de geluiden van Moerwijk door Yael Levy en Nikos Kokolakis, met opgenomen geluiden uit de buurt verwerkt en gemixt tot een live optreden, betreed het gebied waar elektronische manipulaties en akoestische geluiden naadloos samenkomen door Riccardo Marogna, een lichtgevende wolk van Liew Niyomkarn, geniet van Appalachenmuziek en improvisatie door Annick Odom, boeken van Boekwinkel Opstand, acuarellen op ijsworkshop voor kinderen door Sara Pape, eten verzorgd door Pim, een therapie waarbij je sokken in jou taal praten door Channa Boon, ateliertours en een grote container waar je je tegels kunt inwissellen voor GRATIS planten.

Het evenement is een samenwerking tussen Helicopter, De Samenscholing, Duurzaam Den Haag en verschillende lokale initiatieven uit onze wijk Moerwijk.



This year we organize the second edition of our festival ‘Groenfeest’ to celebrate nature. The event is hosted by Helicopter, an artist initiative and studios.

It will be an afternoon full of live music, open studios, cloud installation, “sock therapy”, books, kids workshop, food/drinks and an ‘exchange-your-tiles-for-plants’-ACTION!

Where: Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10 Den Haag
When: June 16 from 13:00-17:00
Cost: FREE

Expect the sounds of Moerwijk by Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis, with recorded sounds from the neighborhood processed and mixed with a live set, that zone where electronic manipulations and acoustic sounds merge seamlessly by Riccardo Marogna, an illuminous cloud by Liew Niyomkarn, explore Appalachian folk music and free improvisation with Annick Odom, books by Boekwinkel Opstand, acuarel on ice workshop for kids by Sara Pape, food by Pim, a therapy where your socks speak in your voice by Channa Boon, studio tours, and a big container where you can exchange your gardentiles for FREE plants.

The event is a collaboration between Helicopter, De Samenscholing, Duurzaam Den Haag and several local initiatives from our neighbourhood Moerwijk.


////////PROGRAMMA//// //PROGRAM////////
Groenfeest by Helicopter artists & friends

13:00 – 17:00
>Illuminous Cloud/Lichtgevende wolk en muziek door Liew Niyomkarn
>mobiele boekentafel – Boekenwinkel Opstand
>Food & Drinks
> Operatie Steenbreek (exchange your garden tiles for FREE plants!) Meer informatie:

13:30 13:45
Rondleiding Helicopter TOUR

14:00 – 15:30
Acuarellen met ijs –
workshop voor kinderen 5-12 jaar door Sara Pape Je hoeft je niet op te geven!

Annick Odom – Optreden met stem en contrabas, verkenning van Appalachische volksmuziek en improvisatie.

Yael Levy & Nikos Kokolakis – Luistermiddag
Verwacht de geluiden van Moerwijk, met opgenomen geluiden uit de buurt verwerkt en gemixt tot een live optreden.

Sokken therapiesessie – een therapie waarbij je sokken in jou taal praten door Channa Boon

15:45 – 16:00
Rondleiding Helicopter TOUR

16:00 – 16:30
Riccardo Marogna
Altijd op zoek naar dat gebied waar elektronische manipulaties en akoestische geluiden naadloos samenvloeien in het continuüm van het sonische gebaar. Hij speelt een reeks rietinstrumenten in combinatie met elektronica.

Hopelijk tot ziens! Hope to see you all!!

—- Helicopter crew —-

Murder Dance Party April 13


Friday the 13th murder dance party with 5 acts bringing the ruckus.
Red Brut, Innercity, The Sunshine Lounge, Seeduardo Primero and
Strict Nurse with blood splatter everywhere type stab stab hit and run sets.

Kenny Harder and friends on the decks.
As always quality beers and for this special occasion a shivering cocktail.

Friday 13 April, 20:30, €5
Helicopter, Beatrijsstraat 10, Den Haag

Wear a costume for maximum experience.

Red Brut
Ghost conjuration with tapes and an open mind.
Japanese haircut with a sensitivity of a 1000 years.

Zen five piece of shaman Hans Dens multi dimensional lifework.
Murk soul control by group spirit hard jamz.

The Sunshine Lounge
Mountain on legs crushes with tenderness sounds.
Blood spilled and every drop hits harp strings of a hybrid Yeti devil.

Seeduardo Primero
From the grave with the zombie strings of world age spirituals.
Stab in the heart where the diamond knife hits chords of harmony.

Strict Nurse
Scalpel cuts precision lines of pulse heartbeats pounding hiss.
Sweet voice speaks unrecognizable words as the darkness takes over.