Juzaga with live coded visuals by eerie_ear

With cultural institutions opening up for audiences again, Helicopter is ecstatic to present their first real live event in well over a year: Juzaga with live coded visuals. A hallucinatory experience with music by Juzaga and live coded visuals by eerie_ear. See below for more info. Sunday June 13. Doors open at 20.00, show starts […]

Rehearsal and feedback session: tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa

tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa are two performance duos working in an improvised context. Involved artists are Arvind Ganga, Branka Zgonjanin, Gert-Jan Prins and Maria Mavridou, more info below. To further develop their material and keep the arts alive, we organize a rehearsal including feedback session where they show the current state of their work and ask […]


The fourth edition of UNPLUGGED is here!Curated by our member Anna Moreno, UNPLUGGED is an annual event of performances and installations at Helicopter’s yard and project space by members of Helicopter, with the only premise of NO ELECTRICITY! For the fourth edition, we asked the participating Helis to each pair up with a collaborator to […]


We’re happy to invite you to MYRIADS #28! A special edition with three special acts, each pushing the limits of sounds and space in their own unique and personal way. New duo SKRTCH explore never-ending sonic heaviness of the most distressing kind. No Sugar No Candy is a performance by choreographers Haduch and Mavridou pursuing […]

Myriads #27

We’re happy to invite you to MYRIADS #27, this time with four travelling experimental acts celebrating the use of repetition and drones and sprinkling it with noise. Dragons+Doyle experiment with abstract storytelling with just a cymbal, a loop pedal, a voice and two hands. And we have the trio of Julius Ménard, Jeans Beast and […]