Saturday 28 October 2023


Saturday 28 October at Helicopter, a sweet little 2 bonbon treat straight from Brussels in the form of Accou and Weird Dust.Undocumented Aliens from the Lowerlands added to balance out the chocolate 1-2 combo.
Halloween dress up party edition, with a selected crew of community dj’s we hope to bring the dance vibes till deep into the night.
Embrace the Halloween vibes and come dressed up! We love a good diy imagination set to infinity costume!

ACCOU feels like being lost in a computer game, you don’t know the premise of the game, you don’t know the storyline.
The surroundings are uncanny valley industrial abandonment, there is definitely some existential dread involved.
At the same time it is exhilarating! It is exciting! And there is some destiny fulfilment there.

WEIRD DUST is the warm comfort of watching giallo at somebody’s house who you don’t really know too well.
You were not invited but are more than welcome to be there.
When I listen to Weird Dust I have to always think of the zombie vs. Shark fight in Zombi 2,
except the shark and the zombi are not fighting they are dancing and having a slightly buzzed but good feel deep zone float.

UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS is the team up of Krank Pappa and Chandor Glöomy, late night radio wave alternate reality shapers.
They will be presenting their new tape on Silver Ghosts.This performance won’t be a regular live set but a real time re/de-construction of the recordings that will be on the tape,
with projections, presence and space travel.