May 19 2019
Helicopter – Beatrijsstraat 10, Den Haag
>>>> Enter through the blue gate opposite Cafe Elta and cross the yard
Doors 19:30
Entrance 8 EUR
You know the score! Speed-doom slacker punk vibes coming your way from 2 very sweaty vegans! (From Cosmic Dead & Droves humans)
//////////// SUNDOG MOONDOG
Experimental sound performance and part of an ongoing research to the sensorial experience of physical experiments, using a collection of self made and hacked electromagnetic and electronic instruments by Dewi de Vree. She’s also part of the duo Magnetoceptia, a series of performances and installations around antenna-costumes together with Patrizia Ruthensteiner (AT), initiator and organizer at Villa K in The Hague and part of Instrument Inventors Initiative ‘iii’ and ‘Helicopter’.
Electronic improvisation duo Oorcontact collaborates with visual artist Daniëlle Davidson. She draws and paints spontaneously using a variety of materials while Oorcontact instantly compose their music. Both image and music are purely improvised, and both are continuously reacting to one another in a constant dialogue.
“In our live performances a view of the paintings, filmed by a camera, is projected on a large surface both for the audience and the musicians. The imagery ranges from very abstract and very focused on the material itself (mostly in the case of paint, some of which is home-made) to very figurative and expressive (mostly in the case of pencils, crayons and markers).”