Eilit Marom

“I see movement as a form of communication. The basic human physical non-verbal expression is the vocabulary of my work and by highlighting it I connect with the spectators. Non verbal is a powerful tool able to convey so much with very little means, evoke sensation and interaction.”

Eilit Marom (1986 Haifa, Israel) is an Israeli artist and choreographer based in The Hague, she works between Israel and the Netherlands in the field of dance and visual art. As an independent artist she created projects that expose performance practices as valuable experiences which connect people with their physical self-expression and their environments. In the form of performances, immersive spaces and curating events Eilit consciously positions her public in settings that facilitate serendipity, intending for a real encounter between them and the work. Her themes are inspired by non-verbal communication and biophysics, both fields which study the interaction, function and movement of systems on cellular level, in live organisms and ecosystems. This reflects in her work which often involves interaction before, during or after presentation and by translating theory into experiences either embodied in the performers bodies or created as choreographic structures in the performance site.