Unplugged #1

2017, Sept 16

UNPLUGGED is an insiders joke among the Helicopter members that turned into an event about some kind of post-electricity scénario.

Anna Moreno invited artists of Helicopter to develop a new work or to re-propose an existing one, with the sole condition of not involving any sort of electrical power in their form of presentation. Some artists have chosen to go full on powerless from the beginning of the making process. Some allowed for more flexibility. How do we go powerless and yet stay powerful? Something’s moving in the darkness!

UNPLUGGED will be an evening with performances and installations in the darkness of our playground at the Beatrijstraat with: Channa Boon, Mariska de Groot, Yael Levy (and Nikos Kokolakis), Anna Moreno, Sara Pape (with Liselotte Bredius), Arefeh Riahi (with Anna Mikhailova) and Thom Vink