M.I.T Tour- Next Stop : Helicopter

Next Stop : Helicopter

As may you know Music in Transition has no space to continue the series at the moment, so….lets tour the local underground!

We are gonna visit HELICOPTER and bring a blast line up to celebrate it.

Please read carefully this invitation, all information is important.

This is a open air event for 40 people max with bbq (bring anything you would like to creatively cook), if it rains that day we unfortunately will have just 17 indoor seats. We are gonna strictly follow Covid 1,5 m regulations. Reserve fast and bring your favourite mask 

We will start at 18h – 10e Cash at doors/No pin – with reservation first 


This is the Blast LINE UP:

RAH (Electro acoustic Storytelling)

Is an interdisciplinary storytelling project electroacoustic music and percussion.

Rah is a project conformed from Sohrab Motabar in computer synthesis, Siamak Anvari sound processing and Rubén Castillo del Pozo percussion and objects
This occasion features Annick Odom as double bass and storyteller.


(Mega Indian Flow)

They will bring you to a concert of North Indian Classical music with modern interpretations of traditions that trace back to the early history of India. A duo concert of the Hindustani Violin and Tabla, the duo will exchange solo and accompanying roles, often blurring into collective improvisation spaces based on Ragas (Melodies) and Talas (Rhythms). The aesthetic will be
atmospheric yet thrilling. A blast show!


(One Woman BanjoFolkTrash band)

Jessie Leyten will visit us in Den Haag from Groningen with a power banjo solo style.

After drinking, driving and smoking too much for some years, she quit all of this. But blood is thicker than water….

Nono and the sinking Ship is a solo full band with a simple set up with an unstoppable effect . Songs inspired by living on a ship, all the problems in life and the world, happy tunes with dark background, still punk.nonoandthesinkingship.bandcamp.com

Thanks a lot to Helicopter!!

Helicopter is an artist initiative located in a former school building in Moerwijk, Den Haag and comprises artists and musicians with the desire to strengthen their ability to ‘zoom out’ and to obtain ‘Helicopter’ view; a wider vision on the world, to include and to embrace new thoughts and ideas.The building is used as a platform to develop and present artworks, organize exhibitions and events, connect with like-minded artists, the neighbourhood and other local collectives to inspire, share and exchange.https://helicopter.studio

Music In Transition is presented by &Collective Stichting,
www.andcollective.org ) this time with financial support from Van Ommeren De Voogt Stichting.

Music in Transition with COVID-19 Protocols ******************

Open Call – Helicopter Studios

As from mid Juli, we at Helicopter are inviting two like-minded artists to share with us our studio-space in Moerwijk (The Hague). Are you a passionate artist with an experimental mindset that wants to join a creative community that is empowering themselves by learning and practicing self-organisation strategies? Do you have a sense of community and are you willing to spend a part of your time to Helicopter’s collective needs such as the public program, practical maintenance or neighbourhood relations? Do you have a practical and hands-on mentality? Then we are looking for you! Check out the pdf below for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Helicopter team

Juzaga with live coded visuals by eerie_ear

With cultural institutions opening up for audiences again, Helicopter is ecstatic to present their first real live event in well over a year: Juzaga with live coded visuals. A hallucinatory experience with music by Juzaga and live coded visuals by eerie_ear. See below for more info.

Sunday June 13. Doors open at 20.00, show starts at 20.30. Free entrance!

Following corona regulations, audience will be seated keeping 1.5 m distance. Before and after the show you can hang out freely and safely  in our huge yard. Please reserve your spot(s) by mailing Arvind at a.k.r.ganga@gmail.com

Made possible with support of Nederlands Fonds Podiumkunsten / Balkonscenes Balcony Scenes #fondspodiumkunsten #performingartsfund #balkonscenes #balconyscenes

“Juzaga with live coded visuals” is an instantaneously created psychedelic experience that combines live music and live coded visuals. Music by Juzaga, which is Arvind Ganga on guitar and Philipp Ernsting on drums. Visuals interact with the music and are created in real time by eerie_ear, aka Sebastian Pappalardo.

Shards of noise, drones, rock, kraut, raga, and jazz are mixed up on the spot into a pulsating universe with strong sense of flow yet without clearly recognizable rhythm or steady beat, stacking layers where timbre and sound trump melody and harmony. Using this sound and other inputs, eerie_ear generates endless sequences of fluid generative patterns that interweave and adapt while introducing glitches and feedback. Visuals and music weave, collide and separate, generating an immersive, disorienting and fascinating trip.

About the artists:
Arvind Ganga combines an explorative mind with an obsession for raw sound. He creates an intense sonic experience that is simultaneously abstract, psychedelic, noisey and spiritual. Physical manual creation is crucial to his approach, where he wrenches the sounds out of his guitar using his bare hands, improper techniques, a bunch of objects and a simple reverse effect and combines them back together using free improvisation. https://www.arvindganga.net.

Philipp Ernsting: Innovative percussionist active in the Rotterdam improv scene and a busy session musician. Philipp plays in a number of bands, projects and records for film. He tours intensively with his many projects, including Albatre, Acid Folk five, Doctor Schnitt and Anticlan, is involved in the modern dance scene for years, and released multiple records on labels such as Cleanfeed and Creative Source.

Sebastian Pappalardo (eerie_ear) crafts live music and sound design using tidalcycles and visual synthesis using hydra. He explores multiple paths of creation, from subtle, sensitive and carefully crafted sound design to violent incursions on the fringes of media, glitching and feedbacking information to create fluid generative patterns which interweave in endless sequences of generative sound or visual sampling and synthesis. He performs all over Europe and South America, teaches workshops, and is an active member of the Netherlands Coding Live community.

Rehearsal and feedback session: tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa

tzZiiiY and VoltageSpa are two performance duos working in an improvised context. Involved artists are Arvind Ganga, Branka Zgonjanin, Gert-Jan Prins and Maria Mavridou, more info below. To further develop their material and keep the arts alive, we organize a rehearsal including feedback session where they show the current state of their work and ask fellow artists for feedback. Participation is free of charge in exchange for your feedback.

This rehearsal with feedback session is on Saturday 10 April. Doors open at 17:30, we start at 18:00 sharp. We finish before 20:00, so everyone can get home in time before curfew starts. We strictly follow corona regulations. There is a maximum of seven people in total (excluding performers) to guarantee distanced seating. To join, please reserve your place with Arvind by email at a.k.r.ganga@gmail.com

We hope to see you on Saturday, keep the arts alive!

This session is made possible with support of the Dutch Performing Arts fund / Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten #balkonscenes #balconyscenes
VoltageSpa – Branka Zgonjanin + Gert-Jan Prins

VoltageSpa is an ever evolving, site-specific, instrument created and played by choreographer Branka Zgonjanin and sound artist Gert-Jan Prins. It involves sonic and musical qualities of analogue electronic music and percussion, and the human body as a conductive matter, synthesiser and amplifier. With time these premisses develop into a performative voyage through mental and physical conceptions of sound and space. Bodies, human and those of the objects in the room, charge with a voltage created by methods of suspension, deep listening, containment of inner tensions, controlled madness and mutual juxtaposition.

‘tzZiiiY‘ is a movement and sound performance that investigates unpredictability. The two performers go on stage without previous agreements, each committed to an uncompromising, moment to moment search for intensity – a ‘tzZiiiY’ – that is felt and that resonates. Engaging intuitively with the atmosphere of the gathered audience and the room, they hand each other full permission and push themselves to the edge. The desire to overcome the limits of their creativity is central to this work. Riding on the same desire, with often radically different attitudes and ways, the two reveal the wilderness, awkwardness, devastation, fragility and humorousness of their co-existence. Meanwhile, they both surrender to serendipity which brings together sounds, movements and words into ephemeral pieces of art.


The fourth edition of UNPLUGGED is here!
Curated by our member Anna Moreno, UNPLUGGED is an annual event of performances and installations at Helicopter’s yard and project space by members of Helicopter, with the only premise of NO ELECTRICITY! For the fourth edition, we asked the participating Helis to each pair up with a collaborator to come up with a contribution. This brought us to expand the event to daytime, introducing for the first time Unplugged Mini!

September 19, 2020

14:00 – 18:00 – Unplugged Mini (for small kids and not-so-small-kids)
18:00 onwards – Unplugged (the program will be announced in the following days! Stay tuned!)

Helicopter Studio’s – Beatrijsstraat 10, Den Haag (enter through the blue gate in front of café Elta)